Masonic Lodge, Cromwell

Cromwell Kilwinning Lodge No. 98. Founded in 1870 for the Freemasons of Cromwell, with the Lodge building constructed in 1900. Local stone, and sited on high ground adjoining ‘Old Cromwell Town’. By Lake Dunstan – last pic – with view to Bannockburn. Central Otago, New Zealand.

The sign reveals the Lodge was built by “Mr Gair” .. “A well-known stonemason in Cromwell.” A name you may recognise from my recent posts on the former Methodist Church.

Gair, William (1851-1944)
~via Heritage New Zealand : “William Gair was born in the Shetland Islands in 1851 and arrived in New Zealand in 1878. He was a stonemason and plasterer by trade, but also tried his hand at farming and gold mining. He returned to his trade, setting up business in Cromwell. He was involved with the Borough Council and the local Presbytarian Church. He died on 4 February 1944.”

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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