Birthday Fun

Birthday fun yesterday.. a trek through thyme-strewn Bannockburn sluicings to Stewart Town where the old stone house also boasts an old orchard +lilac bush! The first pic also has California poppies. And earlier, I’d enjoyed a whirl on this twirly thing in a Cromwell playground.. 😀 Central Otago, New Zealand.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

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    1. I kicked off and whizzed around so fast! It was really funny. An older gent came along and looked at me so I said, “I’m just a big kid” and he said, “aren’t we all?”. Later we saw him at the porch of his unit and he gave us a big cheery wave 😀

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    1. The miners completely changed and sculpted the landscape, essentially hosing down hills and cliffs with water guns in their fever for gold! The lengths they went to, to do this, is amazing. All that water had to come from somewhere…


    1. Constant thyme aroma! The day before we’d visited a ‘smelly’ lavender farm cafe/shop and the lavender smell somehow stayed with us all day, must’ve seeped into our clothing and hair!


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