Pure Pink

Pink tulips! took a few hours off and drove south to Edendale to search for tulip fields; we found loads of colour including this huge field of pink; and my activity attracted lots of attention. Edendale, Southland, New Zealand ~17 Oct 2022.

These fields of colourful flowers aren’t destined for florists, the growers are producing export bulbs. These may well belong to Haakman who have a processing facility on a nearby road. I found a 2019 job advert that said they produce around 55ha of tulip bulbs for export. Haakman are based in the Netherlands and offer “Year-round supply thanks to our branch in New Zealand.”

I attracted quite an audience. Here they are seeing me off!

As you know, we had quite a bit of snow earlier in October. The Haakman NZ Bulbs Ltd Facebook page has a post from 06 October showing tulips in the snow.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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    1. The darkish-cloudy afternoon worked really well for the pink tulips, I was very lucky.. with a bright day the pink would’ve got washed out. The young cows were so cute and curious but as I’ve mentioned to Mike below, they were doing a lot of breathing behind me and the grassy smell was overwhelming!

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  1. Our granddaughter, Major, USAF, husband, ditto, and 4 of our Greats, just returned from 3 years of living in the Netherlands. Both were assigned to a NATO command just a few miles away in Germany. While there we were sent many pictures of fields and fields of Tulips. So much color, yours are beautiful as well. You keep me a blooming Spring mode.

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    1. What a great experience for their family! The Haakman website for the main business informs me they’re located in “Wevershoof, right in the centre of the Dutch bulb region.”

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    1. I nearly missed the pink tulips! They were on the opposite side of the road to the tulip field I was photographing, and also behind a house and yards. Suddenly I spotted a distant pink glow!

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  2. Beautiful. I enjoyed the photo of the tulips in snow, too. I suspect I’ve mentioned to you the Easter that our midwestern tulips were in snow up to their little necks. The snow was deep enough that the blooms looked like votive cups sitting in the flower bed.

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    1. I was tired last night and didn’t think to say.. while I was near the curious cattle they were all heavy-breathing along the fenceline behind me and the smell of their grassy breath was almost overwhelming! I was pretty glad to make my getaway 🙂

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