Lovells Flat Church

We’ve lived down south for years now and I never knew about a gorgeous rural church among farm fields at Lovells Flat! I spotted the steeple today while we were driving, and by returning to a gravel side road we’d just passed, we were able to make it to the church. This is a Presbyterian Church, still in use.

~farming area between Kaitangata and Milton; Clutha District, New Zealand

We were so excited to find a mature Monkey Puzzle tree right near the church; it’d sprouted a couple of babies that were growing under its shelter, they’re about a metre high 🙂

“1902”. And don’t you love the hinges?

And a peek around the corner… wow!

There will be more photos to share!

And by the way, I’ve featured a church and Monkey Puzzle tree before, at Balfour in Southland. Having just gone to the post to get the link, I found that church was established in 1903. Was that a thing at the turn of the century.. the ‘must have’ for your new church?

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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    1. Thanks Madeline! I had a good look around the website. I’ve learned that Dr. Barnes and his wife Laura Leggett Barnes were a very amazing couple. I see she managed the ongoing development of an arboretum on their property and she founded a horticulture school. The property has so much flora that interests me including a monkey puzzle tree! And magnolias, lilacs, hostas, peonies, ferns, a medicinal garden, and herbarium. All plants that grow well in our regions of Southland and Otago (we live near the boundary between them). I’d love to visit the gallery and gardens – I’d need a week and then return-visits in different seasons!!!

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