Daffodils, Blue Bridge

Daffodils at Weatherstons near Lawrence, Clutha District. Blue bridge; this is a beautiful single-lane bridge spanning the Clutha River (Mata-Au) at Millers Flat, Central Otago. All photos taken 02 October. New Zealand.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. I remain impressed about this massive planting survives and its history, Liz. Your first image is a lovely composition, not always easy among a large group. And #2 — I think I’d want to sit there all day with a 🧺 picnic to welcome spring.

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    1. These are historic daffodils Chris, the family started planting imported daffodil bulbs in 1895. The property was the site of an excellent brewery, sold in 1923. There are masses and masses of daffodils, of many varieties, spread over the hillsides near the brewery ruins. They are a fantastic sight!

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  2. The blue bridge is fun, but what’s with that strip of white — daffodils? — running down the hillside? Have those been planted, or are they a natural variation? Perhaps you don’t know, but they certainly attracted my attention.

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    1. I confess to being slightly confused so bear with me. Do you mean in the 2nd photo.. which appear to be a type of pheasant eye daffodil or Narcissus poeticus or perhaps you refer to the 1st of the bridge photos, where the lighter patches are eroded hillside due to overgrazing. Is this any help?


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