Modest Cabbage Tree

Photos of the two of us having a wander yesterday, and a very cool-looking ‘clothed’ native cabbage tree, found when exploring alongside Commissioners Track, Roxburgh East in Central Otago. New Zealand.

The lower section of the track has extensive blocks where native trees and shrubs have been planted, some parts quite intensively, and others scattered. Fyi, also a scattering of different conifer species, and unwanted invasive weed species like the flowering gorse in our pictures.

Might seem a bit serious but just so you know … we thoroughly enjoy little adventures like this! And our observations and photos come in handy for Nigel – they’re useful resources in his work as a landscape architect – for general knowledge and for his photo library. When putting together design proposals for clients he sources most of his photos from his personal library.

Cordyline australis | cabbage tree | tī kōuka
~not all of them are ‘modest’, many don’t stay covered like this!

Here’s Nigel …

and a photo taken by Nigel …

And this, cropped from a photo I took …

and here’s me busy ‘at work’ 🙂

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. I LOVE the name – ‘Modest’ cabbage tree!! For home gardeners, if provides a reason to NOT trim back dead foliage. I’m thinking of Modest tomatoes, but also all those tropical houseplants people up here have… I wonder, ecologically speaking, if hanging on to dead branches like that provide a purpose – ie shelter for small animals?

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