Daffodil Legacy

Hart’s Black Horse Brewery closed in 1923 and little but ruins remain today but.. there’s daffodils! Starting in 1895, the Hart family planted thousands of specially-imported daffodil bulbs. This afternoon we drove to Weatherstons near the rural town of Lawrence and spent an hour wandering around the property. Afterward we visited the wonderful corner dairy in Lawrence and enjoyed our first ice-creams since last summer. Nigel ordered a single scoop of moccachino in a cone–the lovely lady doled out three scoops, and I had a sizeable plastic cup filled with three scoops of berry sorbet. Delicious!

Clutha District, New Zealand

For photos from our 2020 visit, see Daffodil Hill

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. What a fabulous place, Liz, with all those dafs! It’s just amazing those bulbs continue on. Combine that with ice cream and what a day. That’s a neat picture of Nigel, too, with the budding trees all around him and little tufts of grace.

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    1. The story as I recall without checking back, is that the daffs had been smothered over with dense weedy scrub. When they cleared that off, a very big job, the bulbs were still there in the ground, and came away again. Incredible.

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