Crazy Pine Needles

As we were leaving Bannerman Park on Sunday afternoon I spotted these odd-looking bunches of pine needles and thought I’d try taking pics looking up at them from below. This is a large pine tree so it has lots of these bunched needles! Gore, Southland. 18 Sept. New Zealand.

By the way, I’ve previously posted a couple of summer pics of this lovely pine.

Actually, they make me think of fibre-optic lamps minus the lurid colours…

This pic is for Tanja, we had a blog-chat about how camellia flowers can look similar to roses. This tall camellia bush was in front of another pine tree in a different part of the park. When I saw the flowers from a distance I initially thought it was a big, overgrown rose bush!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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