Pink & White Divide

We happened upon this blossom bonanza yesterday south of Roxburgh (out in the countryside, further south than the orchard in yesterday’s post). The beautiful blossom, in pink and white, covered the hillside between the road and the mighty Clutha River / Mata-Au. Such an awesome pleasure to see all this before the blossom disappears. Central Otago, New Zealand.


Clutha River / Mata-Au: we needed to pull-over in order to turn around on the highway and when we found a spot to do so, I looked out the passenger window and saw this lovely view of the river that I wouldn’t have found otherwise because the view wasn’t visible from the road.


Pink and white divide. The dividing line is alders with hanging catkins.

~special thanks to Nigel, my landscape architect other-half, who took time out from his busy Monday work to drive us to Roxburgh after I suggested the trip.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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        1. Sad when that happens Ellen. Orchards with trees vulnerable to late frost, in our region, have sprinkler poles dotted throughout the planting and they turn the sprinklers on when required. E.g. for apricots. Covers the blossoms in ice and.. protects them. Which sounds really odd 🙂

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