One feature of Central Otago is a lot of rock in the landscape. I took a couple of rock photos when we walked the Commissioners Track at East Roxburgh on 06 August. My first photo was taken at the end of the track, as I wandered about looking at what was there. It caught my attention because of the great number of lichens creating pattern and colour all over the surface. The second photo is an enormous rock near the beginning of the track. I ventured past some bushes to the base and took a photo looking up at the rock wall towering above me.

The huge rock gets used by rock climbers. I found a really good photo of it with the climbing routes marked.. a magnificent rock and the photo is certainly worth a look.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. That’s a neat capture of all those lichens, Liz. And that big rock, no climbing from me, either. It’s pretty interesting to look at with all those layers, a bit more striking in the image you linked to. I didn’t see the person at first 😲.

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