Both Sides

This post explores the unexpected pleasure of coming upon an interesting street and small public park just north of Roxburgh at Lake Roxburgh village where a hydro dam spans the Clutha River (the dam also supports a public road and you can drive to the other side across the top of the dam).

So here we were, driving through the village toward the dam, and I spotted ‘post people’. Hadn’t expected to find them here, I love post people! My favourite is in the first photo below.. he was one of several post people but the only one who was ‘working’ 🙂 Then we ended up in a nearby public park.

This was back on 03 March 2022, the very beginning of autumn in New Zealand.

Stunning example of an exotic hardy palm tree ~doing well in this position!
This brightly painted utility box was near the post people.
The street had some beautiful ash trees.

In the above photo you can see green poplar trees at the left of the pic and we’re now going to scoot over there and see what’s on the other of the trees …

Love the tall poplar trees, big rocks and shady grass area.
View to a small children’s play area that has a yellow slide.

The further you drive into Central Otago, the more rocky landscape you see. Roxburgh is on the outer edge of Central Otago (a region blessed with terrific natural landscapes).

The park was mostly quite wild, I zoomed in on some out-of-reach fruit.
Nigel took this lovely panoramic view of the street and its ash trees.

Text by Liz; photos by Liz except for the last by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. My goodness, I love those Ash trees and that long view past them with the hills in the distance, Liz! Nice find on this post person, too. I’m reading your posts in reverse order and think this working fellow should get a turn on the swing!

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    1. It’s a pretty area with the Clutha River running through, and the hills, and the orchards of apple trees and apricots. And at this time of year.. a bit of snow on the hills.

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