Peter Pan, Dunedin

Here’s another statue for children in a public garden setting, the Peter Pan statue in Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. From the DBG website“Dedicated to ‘the Children of Today, Tomorrow and the Future’, this statue was donated by Mr Harold Richmond of Green Island. Crafted by English sculpture[sic] Cecil Thomas and cast by John Galixia & Son, Bronze Founders of London, Peter was installed in1963.”

And, I took these photos 24 Dec 2019.. when I was using a very basic cellphone camera.

~click on any photo to enlarge

Sleepy young ‘un, bunny and snail. Looks like a tortoise in back.
Sleepy little cherub hidden away!
Signature is 1964 ~which makes a nonsense of the web info!
Peter Pan, with Tinker Bell whispering in his ear

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019/2022)

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