Wonderland ~02

This is the ‘old’ end of Wonderland where the Wonderland garden path joins a side path that runs parallel to Oamaru Creek (the creek is down the bank behind me). One of the paths become the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail ~goes all the way to Aoraki/Mt Cook.

An inscription under one of the trees dates this part of Wonderland back to 1927. If you follow the Wonderland garden path from here you pass the children’s Pan statue before moving on to the bridge, fountain and moon gate featured in Wonderland ~01. From the moon gate you can choose to return to the main gardens through the moon gate or follow an alternative path heading in the direction of the rose gardens. Oamaru, New Zealand.

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It’s mid-winter and I was happy.. but feeling cold!
You’ve probably noticed the inscription at the top of the steps.

(by Thomas J. Clapperton R.B.S)
Presented & Dedicated to the Children of Oamaru
By Robert Milligan March 1927

And I’ve just found this…
“.. Clapperton was famous for the much-loved Wonderland Statue in Oamaru’s Botanical Gardens (New Zealand)” ~from the Galashiels [Scotland] web page, the town where Clapperton was born. Wow!

Looking toward the “much-loved Wonderland Statue

In my next (and final) Wonderland post I’ll feature some detail from the statue.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2022)

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