Two small trees in the Australia collection area of Dunedin Botanic Garden had attracted my curiosity, I’d noticed they have similar foliage and appeared to be related. I shared some photos on twitter and it turns out they are Lomatia species. One of them even appears to be a weed-species further north in New Zealand. I like the unusual foliage, flowers, and seed pods.

Lomatia ~via Nigel 07 May 2022.
Lomatia ~via Nigel 07 May 2022.
Lomatia flowers ~via Liz 18 Jan 2022.

Both Lomatia plants are in the photo below.. the small sparse tree at the left has white flowers visible. The other one is far right, more dense and shrubby. ~via Liz 18 Jan 2022.

Lomatia are trees/shrubs in the Protea family, about 11 or 12 species and, according to a Kew web page, native to Argentina South, Chile Central, Chile South, Ecuador, Peru.. and in Australia to New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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