The Uvalde shooting ‘stirred something’ in him.
So he gave up his gun.

A touching article.. I read it earlier today, from the Washington Post:
“He looked like my grandson. I mean, they could have been twins. They have the same face,” Small said, his voice shaky with emotion. “It just stirred something in me.”

What does it take to stir people to a change of heart, to wanting to do something?

This same man prior to the Uvalde mass shooting …

“Richard Small bristled at any talk of tighter gun restrictions, viewing it as nothing more than politically driven finger-pointing that would do little to stop the violence while infringing on his rights as a gun owner.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.. do you know people whose views on gun law reform have changed and how that came about? Perhaps you’ve seen a similar story online to the one I shared?

If not a story like that, then perhaps one where someone who didn’t care enough before to take part in marches, flash mobs or even contacting their Senator.. but now they’re doing something (?)

In short, what does it take to galvanise people into action?

Do you think this time in the USA, there’s a chance of gun law reform?

The above image was cropped from this larger photo, displayed to the left.

Whisky Creek in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.. the bush reserve is a short drive up the road from home.

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. Yes. Here in Canada we already had laws against the assault weapons. Now they are going to toughen the handgun legislation. It does feel like in the US they might make some changes, but after Sandyhook it never happened. So, it’s hard to say.


    1. I see from a news summary in my Inbox this morning that Canada’s moving quickly to increase a range of gun restrictions. I’m not yet getting much of a feel for the overall response in US. School protests, marches planned in many states, a flash mob outside a state legislature. I can’t figure out if there’ll be enough pressure to force Senators to take action.

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