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Five years ago today, on 23 May, I started my blog with a brief and plain post, then launched out into the WP blogger-sphere to see what it’s all about. I didn’t have a clue! In this first session I happened to meet an Irish poet then working as pattern-maker in Paris, Damien B. Donnelly.

I’d named my blog the first thing that popped into my head.. Exploring Colour and Damien’s blog was bursting with colour! ~full of vibrant photos, colourful concepts and imaginative poetry. Later I found he excelled in colour language, encouraging me with some really helpful advice completely framed in terms of colour. I was blown away!

My first post was deleted ages ago but the second was also published that first day, a repost of a poem+photo from Damien’s blog. On 24 May, I reposted another poem+photo from his blog. And I’ve reposted many since.

In that last week of May I also did two posts about a colourful art exhibition I’d seen with Nigel the previous weekend at Dunedin Public Art Gallery. I’m grateful now to have good information about that exhibition, it had a huge impact on me. It’s also clear Damien’s creativity was a revelation and launched me on a journey into colour that’s continued till today.

I’m very fond of those very first four blog-posts from May 2017. I didn’t expect to become a long-term blogger. On the contrary, my only thought was to do a month of blogging to see how it’s done and then start a blog for Nigel’s business. That happened eventually but my personal blogging quickly became a source of genuine joy, both visiting and learning from other bloggers as well as taking photos and writing my own posts.. like entering a whole new world!

To you who read this, who follow my blog, you’re greatly appreciated.. thank you! As you know, I usually try to capture the beauty I see, as is. But occasionally I play in the photo editor for a fun result..

These photos were taken in Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand on 07 May (autumn). Here’s a gorgeous pentstemon I found in the upper gardens.

Thank you all for your likes, comments, friendship and support. Many of you inspire and teach me through your own wonderful blogs.. you know who you are. Y’all are fantastic! ~love from Liz

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. Didn’t have time to comment earlier, but wanted to say how much I appreciate the feast for my eyes you provide from your blog and for being a lovely and super-supportive blogger friend – one I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life, making it even more special. Time to meet for another coffee soon methinks!

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    1. Thanks so much Kay, I honestly feel so honoured and encouraged that you visit my blog! I’m delighted at the coffee invite.. I’ll let you know the next time we intend to head for Dunedin!

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  2. I’m so glad that this endeavor brings you joy, Liz! I sure have enjoyed following along and getting to know you and a bit of NZ from afar πŸ˜€. Susan, just above, has stated it pretty well.
    Wow on the five years passing just like that, and best wishes as you continue to learn and share.

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  3. Happy blogiversary! Congratulations on your five years of delighting and educating us. When you say you started to learn how to do it, that made me smile as I did the same. Still learning, of course! The things I love about your blog include your generosity in celebrating other creative work, the variety of topics you write about, including ‘serious stuff’, the gardens and flowers and of course the colour! I’ll forgive you the fact that seeing spring flowers on your blog is often one of my first indications that our summer flowers will soon give way to autumn.

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    1. Thank you for your considered and very helpful feedback Susan, I’m grateful. What you’ve said at the end is also something I’ve noticed down here and I’m glad you mentioned it. The sight of spring photos from the northern hemisphere does indeed signal our own transition into autumn making it somewhat bittersweet. On the other hand, it’s like I get to enjoy spring twice, so I’m grateful for that! πŸ™‚


  4. Your blog is a source of joy for your readers too, Liz! Happy anniversary and here’s to many more years of colourful blogging! And I hope that you continue to enjoy writing your blog, as I do reading it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you Ann! and you’re a visitor who never fails to brighten my day. I’ll carry on blogging but in what form, I’m unsure.. the style may change. Quietly thinking about it. πŸ™‚

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  5. Happy blogaversary Liz! New Zealand seems much more accessible to me as a result of seeing photos from you and other Kiwis – it’s no longer just a concept that exists on the other side of the planet. It’s real. Hope to keep seeing you on line.

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    1. Yes that’s so true! I know Canada and America seem much more ‘real’ to me now that I’m in regular contact with people who live there. I feel more in synch with the opposite-ness of our times and seasons, more in touch with the people, plants, land and wildlife and even the culture. Prior to blogging I felt very disconnected from the north!


  6. Congratulations on your anniversary, Liz. Thank you for sharing all the beauty and color from your corner of the world and for being so supportive of other bloggers, me included.
    I hope you will continue to enjoy blogging for at least another five years.
    Best wishes,

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  7. Happy Blog Anniversary, Liz. Your blog has long been a source of inspiration and support for me and five years of work reflects a lot of creative effort and persistence on your part. We’ve worked together on a number of different posts and even a few little series over the years and I am always happy to see what is happening in a radically diferent part of the world. Thanks to you also, I came into contact with Damien and even managed to meet up with him in Paris, before he returned to Ireland. It is a crazy world when someone from New Zealand helps an American link up with an Irishman living in Paris. That’s one of the real benefits of the virtual communities that our blogs allow us to create, making friendships that might otherwise not be possible. Thanks, Liz.

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    1. Wow Mike! I love you were able to meet up with Damien in Paris and how you’ve also kept up with the whirlwind of activity in Ireland, which is no mean feat! I can’t recall how you and I found each other but you were already well established so I’m guessing I found you via one of the nature blogs. It’s a fun learning experience to visit your awesome blog and it’s been great sharing little projects and exploring new things like watercolour.. you always keep me on my toes! The odd occasion when I might’ve lost steam your encouragement and enthusiasm helped me stay on track so I’m really glad we met pretty soon after I began! A huge “Thank You” to you Mike πŸ™‚


  8. Happy 5th Blogiversary, Liz. It’s been fun seeing all the beauty of your part of the planet and enjoying our reversed seasons with you. I’ll likely never get to visit New Zealand apart from vicariously through your posts.

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    1. Thanks Steve.. I hope somehow, someday you’ll make it to NZ! It’s nice to adios your least-liked season, then arrive here to one you like better! Blogiversary’s the perfect word, I didn’t think of that πŸ™‚

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    1. The five years has flown so quickly Robert, where did all that time go! I love that you visit Exploring Colour and always enjoy the engaging variety of posts I find at your wonderful blog!

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  9. Congratulations! You’re clearly still having fun, and I’ve had great fun learning about your quite different world from your blog. I’m looking forward to what’s yet to come from your ‘other side’ of the world!

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