Good Friday, Autumn

As I write, it is Good Friday in New Zealand. In fact, it’s a good Good Friday! My first photo, of a colourful maple, was taken just over the road from where we live this morning. The day started off so quiet, with no traffic or trucks going past our cottage as would happen at the start of a normal working day. The weather is very fine with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine. Tapanui, West Otago.

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As we returned home from East Otago on 13 April, driving through Milton in the late afternoon, I noticed these autumn trees down a side street. Nigel doubled back around the block so I could get my photo.

Earlier in the day on the 13th we’d come through Palmerston over in East Otago, and admired St James Presbyterian Church.. looking so beautiful! ~after a period of work on the church. At the church website you can see how the church looked previously.

“Designed by prominent Dunedin architect David Ross, and built from local Waihemo stone, St James Church was opened on Sunday 3rd December 1876.”

I hope you have a Blessed Easter. ~best wishes, Liz

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. What a beautiful church. Have you worshipped there? I can imagine it’s equally pleasing on the inside. It’s hard to believe Easter is here already; I hope your celebrations are filled with joy.

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    1. Until I found their website today I’d no idea it’s an active church so I’ve never been inside. The building stands out so much more now they’ve completed their work! We’re enJOYing a quiet Easter. Covid’s active in our area at present and we’d prefer not to make it’s acquaintance. Take care!


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