Yellow. Makes. Me. Happy!

There’s nothing like bright yellow to brighten the way! These pics of yellow daisy flowers were taken at Dunedin Botanic Garden. I took all.. except for the vertical context shot by Nigel. The first one with the shadows on the path, I took 18 Jan 2022. The others were all 20 May 2021. New Zealand.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

a crop from one of my pics click to enlarge for best detail

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2021/2022)

24 thoughts on “Yellow. Makes. Me. Happy!

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  1. Ms. Liz, I do believe that you are a Xanthophile – a lover of the color yellow! It could be said that even those not fond of the color itself cannot help but be cheered by yellow flowers. These beautiful photos by Nigel and yourself are smile inducing and tickle the heart. Some words I jotted down in August of 2018 seem fitting : “Yellow – The colour of sunshine, hope and happiness.” – Iram Khan. Thank-you!

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      1. The phrase “tickle the heart” is an original “Benjaminism”! Its origin was during Benjamin’s first grade virtual schooling at my house. He was experiencing a difficult day managing a new program on the computer and was becoming increasingly stressed. He definitely needed a break to regroup. We achieved that with a few quick games of Connect 4 at which he excels and I seldom win. Benjamin soon was laughing and said to me : “Gem, you sure know how to tickle the heart!” I loved his phrasing of ‘tickle the heart’ rather than tickle my heart. A conversation betwixt us revealed that Benjamin thought my ability to tickle the heart was not limited to just him! This oft repeated phrase is part of our family lore. Thank-you!

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          1. OH, Ms. Liz! Writing my initial comment I was worried that you would once again fall victim to my P4L (Propensity for Loquacity) should I expound on those three words and would not have done so later if not for your including them in your reply. You unknowingly unleashed that beast within me and even then I nearly did not hit “Post Comment” after typing the rambling reply. Now I am ever so glad that I did! YOU have not only made my day but also my week!! Thank-you!

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    1. That reminds me that when we drive into Dunedin there’s a completely yellow house that I always notice on a hillside at some distance from the motorway! It’s slightly more towards the lemony-yellow than a strident yellow!

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