Art Deco Gate

Art Deco gate. Dunedin, New Zealand. ~taken this afternoon.
Dunedin, New Zealand. ~taken this afternoon

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    1. Strange day y’day. Set out for Dunedin mid-morning. Very grey and it had rained heavy the night before so everything wet. Got better as we got near Dunedin, then very cloudy and threatening to rain. Then at some point while we were doing stuff it all cleared away and the rest of the day was summer gorgeous. When I took this shot we were sort-of on our way home, in an outer suburb.


        1. You’ll have all the hatches battened down, I hope you weather the storm ok Ann. Surprising amount of rain here this morning, I didn’t expect it (but hadn’t checked the forecast either). Hope you stay well and safe, take care!

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          1. We were very lucky and don’t seem to have had any damage. There were some trees down in the area but none right here. Elsewhere in the country suffered much worse. It’s raining here today but I’m happy to see it because it’s filling the new pond. 🙂


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