Super Cute Cottage

Returning to the street after wandering a riverside path in Roxburgh, I spotted this cute old cottage on the other side. Further along I enjoyed seeing somewhat humourous exotic phoenix palms. They’re funny because they’re chopped off at the back on account of the power lines. Which makes the tops of the palms lop-sided and they remind me of satellite stations 😀

Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand. Sun 23 Jan 2022

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Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)
keywords: rose arch, archway, front gate, front door

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  1. The cottage is cute with a very inviting entryway. I’m glad they could trim the palms. There was recently a big brouhaha near us where the electric company cut down hundreds of them that had grown up into the power lines. Trimming them just wasn’t an option, they would have died….extremely poor planning some number of years ago.

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      1. Which reminds me of the fad for planting leylandii as fast hedging here – a nightmare a few years on with all these huge trees that had grown too big for their gardens and were blocking all the light. Tree surgeons must have made a fortune dealing with those! The cottage looks well-loved – the rose arch and neatly trimmed hedge show that, and they make a lovely welcome. 🙂

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