Ligularia, lavender and lilies

And a round box hedge, and box blobs and Nigel blobbing. I took these photos yesterday afternoon at Queens Park in Invercargill. All the ‘L’s are in the long border but the photo with Nigel in was taken on the west side of the winter gardens building. This is a cosy spot when there’s a cold wind, nice and sheltered! Southland, New Zealand 12 Jan 2022.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

This mix of Ligularia (tractor seat plant) and lavender works really well together. They’re roughly about the same height. Haven’t see these together before!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)
keywords: lily, lilies, lilly, lillies

10 thoughts on “Ligularia, lavender and lilies

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    1. Yes you’re right! We appreciated the loveliness and were thankful to have turned up at the right time ~we live an hour and a half drive from Invercargill 🙂


    1. Queens Park is way better than you’d expect for a small city like Invercargill. The park has two rose gardens (modern + old roses), a big rock garden, big native garden, pets and animals, an aviary, ponds and much more. At this time of year there’s loads of choice!

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