A Moment of both Peril and Promise

Jan 6th, Capitol. “That day, and our response to it, contain potential for both peril and promise.”

[final paragraph] “This is indeed a moment of both peril and promise. But if love is indeed the supreme law of God for life, as I believe it is, then God’s way of unselfish, sacrificial love for each other could well be the key to the life of a nation, and the world itself. That way of love could well be the key to our truly becoming “one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Therein is the promise!”

~Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Episcopal Church

link to PB Curry’s entire presentation …

Video from the Lincoln Memorial +transcript | Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

small bloom in among fennel foliage /photo by Liz

Also, published today by Bishop Jake Owensby, referencing conflict in America

A Paradoxical Kind of Power | Bp Jake’s blog, Looking for God in messy places

Jesus teaches us unequivocally that the path to our full humanity is the way of love. Period. To follow Jesus is commit to that way in all of our relationships. At home and at work. At school and in the marketplace. In the ballot box and in the private chambers of our heart.

The way of love insists on and works on behalf of the dignity of every human being. To follow Jesus means that the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of all is the central concern of each.

[…] The power of love—the power that Jesus and his followers exercise—does not seek to control. It guides. It challenges. It enables. But it is never coercive. Never violent. And it never gives up. Ever.

I’d like to add a few words myself, to US readers. For those of us who live far from your shores, your problems are our problems. You’re a super-power in this global world and whether we like it or not what happens in your country has serious repercussions for the rest of us. I wait and watch with anxious heart to see how this will all play out. Do the American people have the will, wisdom and love to resist and reject hate and injustice, and collectively stand for that which is truly just, right, and good?

Another selection from PB Curry’s video message:

The peril is the possibility of the decline, deconstruction, and even destruction of our nation and its most cherished values. But that peril is only an inevitability if, as William Butler Yeats said in another context, “the best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.”

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2022)

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  1. I agree. Love God first, then your neighbour, however this seems to be the hardest thing to achieve today in the world. If one cannot love your neighbour, how then can you love God. The world is drastically short on love for others. Self-love tops all. Sad with tragic consequences.

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