Reach For The Sky

I had this photo from a cafe/bar garden in Clyde, Central Otago and nearly chucked it out as it was so flat (2nd photo). Something stopped me though, I liked the rose stems reaching out to claim space and also the way they relate with the blue sky and cloud behind them. After adjusting for brightness/contrast/saturation it still looked no good so I ventured to levels and played around, and got something I was ok with. Photo taken 07 Dec, New Zealand.

Then for fun I searched on reaching for the sky and found a few lines I enjoyed, from a song ‘Reaching for the Sky’ by Peabo Bryson. I guess I’m feeling hopeful and expectant as we draw near to the end of this year and are getting close to seeing in 2022 🙂

I’m so inspired
I wanna reach a little higher
Love may never come again

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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