Restful in Invercargill

After leaving the Southern Farmers Market yesterday we visited the Queens Park gardens and had a wander around the rose garden, met a cute dog and her lovely minder, admired an outdoor glass table, and then relaxed at Buster Crabb before heading home. Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand.

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Dick Fry at the main Queens Park entrance, Invercargill.
~ playing harmonica and guitar.

A straight hard path, and a curved grass path, in the Rose Garden.

Nigel, after photographing a lovely variegated Weigela.

I wanted to show you this lovely glass table beside a bench seat.
~ and meet a lovely dog called Sky (Skye?)

Had a very enjoyable chat with Sky’s minder πŸ™‚

Before heading home we stopped at Buster Crabb for refreshments. The day had turned hot and we were able to sit outside in the shade.. lovely place. My drink is steamed milk with hazelnut syrup, tasted like the hazelnut filling out of a chocolate – yum πŸ™‚

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. It’s good to hear about summer and sunshine – lovely change from winter here. (Though we’re lucky that it hasn’t really been cold yet.) Hope you and Nigel continue to enjoy a relaxed and summery Christmas – how strange but good that sounds! πŸ™‚


    1. For us Christmas kicks off the summer holidays when kids and teachers get 5 or 6 weeks away from school. Many people leave the city straight after Christmas for their holiday houses or for a camping trip. Some go before Christmas – I’m in Dunedin right now and you can just feel that things are winding down already! And its different because of Covid as well, no-one knows what to expect now that Aucklanders are allowed out.

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      1. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the holidays here and whether there will have to be more restrictions because of the rapid spread of Omicron. We are staying home anyway, so we won’t be affected, but it’s very difficult for those trying to plan for the holidays. Hope your holidays stay relaxed!

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          1. if you can get out to places where you won’t be around others you should be OK, so that must give some good scope for walks and visits to scenic places. I hope you get lots of fun moments!

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            1. All of us need to take care.. some folks are incredibly casual about it all 😦 Yes we’ve got places we can go thank goodness, the flip side is that being summer and holiday season there’ll be lots of people most places so we’ll have to be very alert.

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