Christmas Cupcakes

We made the trip to Invercargill again today, this time because I wanted to go to the Southern Farmers Market and buy a dozen gorgeous Christmas cupcakes. They were every bit as beautiful as I’d seen in the photo on FB. I hadn’t intended to come home with a spectacular new tablecloth but that happened too!

Let Them Eat Cupcakes (both links below show beautiful examples)
facebook: @LetThemEatCupcakesNZ
also on Flickr

Tablecloth from The Hen House / crafted by Trish Monaghan

~ Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

12 thoughts on “Christmas Cupcakes

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  1. What sweet and pretty cupcakes – how lovely that someone took the time and care to create them! The tablecloth is a lovely find – you had a good shopping trip!

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    1. I don’t know the proper names for materials but it’s a heavy cloth, and the floral pattern is printed on. The cloth has a really nice woven texture that I love!


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