Tidings of Joy

The sign on the pavement was in my way and “Tidings of Joy” caught my eye. Next I saw “Gingerbread Latte” .. and wanted one! I took photos, Nigel ordered. He was asked “hot or cold?”, got one of each. Either way it was delicious. This is a pop-up Starbucks cafe in Wachner Place, temporarily displaced from their former address due to construction in Invercargill CBD. Southland, New Zealand.

We visited on 15 December. Great coffee, friendly service, great vibe. Loved it!

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Starbucks Cafe, Invercargill

~ the world’s Southern-most Starbucks

How could I resist the flavourful line-up?

Mural by access ramp to entrance.

One of the staff suggested I photograph the Siren.

Gorgeous iced gingerbread latte. Delicious!

Near closing time the person who’d taken our order wiped down tables. Wow, such fabulous tattoo art, colourful hair/makeup. Love the artistry! And so kind to pose for my photo.. I’m hugely grateful.

Take a good look at the tattoo .. SWEET (literally).

We were so glad we visited this fabulous cafe 🙂

This short article has a couple of photos: the old site and new site set-up.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)
keywords: candy, lolly, lollies, lollipop, design

10 thoughts on “Tidings of Joy

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    1. No doubt Covid is spreading right now tbh. Aucklanders were let out on the 15th Dec. The bug is sure to follow. There’s now 13 Omicron cases turned up in NZ (but not in the community yet, all picked up in quarantine).

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      1. Yes, we are staying home now because Omicron is spreading fast over here. We usually have a quiet and peaceful Christmas anyway – a chance to really relax! I hope NZ manages to keep Omicron under control – take care!

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        1. We’ve now had 22 Omicron cases picked up in quarantine, 9 of them yesterday. I imagine they’ll reduce the wait for a booster now; currently we’re s’posed to get it 6 months after completing double-jab. Will you be getting a booster soon?

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          1. It’s good that those cases were picked up in quarantine rather than in the community. We had our booster jabs in November – which was very lucky for us because that was before the long queues started. I hope you get yours quickly.

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            1. Confirmation just released, the powers-that-be have decreed we can get a booster after a 4-month gap. I think that means we can get ours in Jan, our cards with the dates are at home.

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  1. I have a wee smile on my face because I was about to open this email but spotted the later one that said ‘New Tuatara in Town’ and off I went! By the time I had concluded that visit with a comment I got sidetracked and just now noticed this one again. Starbuck’s is one of our favorite places. Earlier today I had a hot Chestnut Praline Latte which is my favorite holiday flavor at this time of the year preceded by the Pumpkin Spice Latte as soon as it becomes available…both are supremely yumalicious!! So enjoyed the enclosed photos too! Curiosity is my affliction and I wonder if this lovely lady’s tattoo extends up to her shoulder, also how many appointments and hours did it take for the colorful tattoo to be completed?! Thank-you!

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    1. Those flavours sound marvellous! While I don’t know the answers to your Qs, Nigel did ask her if there’d be any more tattoos and she showed us there’s still more bare skin on the underside of her arm and that more work will be done there 🙂


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