Bee Feast

Pleased with myself getting this pic of a busy bee. Tiny flowers, and the bees would often land and take straight off again. Nearly gave up but took this one shot before I left. This was in a churchyard in Clyde, Central Otago, New Zealand. ~yesterday [detail pic is a crop].

If you know what the plant is.. please let me know!

Text/photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)
keywords: bee, bees, honeybee, honeybees

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  1. Just as soon as I saw this darling photo of a bee feasting on a flower, into my mind popped a sweet memory from late April of 2019. The memory involves a post by Jodi McKinney, known by some as “My Jodi”, that featured her watercolor “Bumblebee on Beehive”. This was made memorable not only because of the watercolor, but also because of the little lover of bees response to it. Benjamin started referring to himself as “B-enjamin, cause I’m a honey, get it, a honey bee.” At the time I had planned to purchase a print of the watercolor from Jodi’s etsy shop, McKinneyx2Designs, but for some reason failed to do so. Thanks to your delightful post jogging this memory that failure has become a success…the print is now ordered! Thank-YOU! P.S. This post will be saved for him and mayhaps you should consider an etsy shop of your photo prints!

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    1. I love Jodi’s bumblebee paintings and I have a print of one on the wall, here in our lounge, which she gifted to me and is greatly treasured! Thanks Ellen!


      1. Ms. Liz, you have piqued my curiosity! I am wondering which of Jodi’s Bumblebee watercolors you are referring to. The one that Jodi painted in July of 2017 “A Bumble Bee Named Buzz” which not only is immortalized in her 2017 book “Klaus the Mouse” but also during her 2019 Doodlewash ambassadorship…not to mention the cutest ever notecards with an added quote. Or is it the April 2019 painting about which I earlier taxed your tolerance of my Propensity for Loquacity. Benjamin has a very special attachment to Buzz but also loves the 2019 Bumblebee too. Do not feel obligated to answer my question born of curiosity! Thank-you, again!!

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          1. Oh My Stars!! If one believes in coincidence this may indeed be it…that this post and my query brings me back to your post where Benjamin and I became your followers through Jodi is astounding! The link to Jodi’s blog post need not be opened as it is one of many posts that were archived for Benjamin and that he will still revisit to this day. Therefore, I must add a quote for you which was also left for Jodi at some point in time : “I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks, and ever thanks.” – Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. Thank-YOU!

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  2. Just for grins, I got out my phone and used the Picture This app to try and identify your plant. Three times, it returned garden asparagus as the identity. So, I looked up Asparagus officinalis and found some great photos on the GoBotany page. It sure does look right to me!

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    1. Thanks Sheree, you understand! I tried to get a cute young bird and it would jump every time I was about to click the shutter. I only did one actual click (and got a bare surface lol).

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      1. I know what that feels like – I have bees visiting the garden that I really want to photograph, but they move too fast for me! (The big bumblebees are easier.) The flowers are very pretty.

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