Nice and White

Spring flowers blooming nice and white, found on my birthday trip into Central Otago on 31 October. Garden-whites and Wild-whites. New Zealand.

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My first two photos are from the public garden in Alexandra. The white rhododendron and the snowball tree were growing next to each other and leaning into each other’s space. Lovely!

Wild thyme at Cromwell, purple and white together.. much less white to be found.

After driving on a bit through the Cromwell Gorge we found a big patch of frothy white flowers I was wanting to take a closer look at. They appear to be a type of brassica, growing through the grass.

Finally back at Roxburgh I tracked down a white wisteria on a private property I’d noticed earlier in the day. The white flowery dome was eye-catching! Interesting how the columbine or Aquilegia flowers in front of the fence exhibit the same colour combination as the rhododendron and the wisteria.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. Beautiful – I love both the delicate look of the whites and the way they combine with other pale colours, here the purple and the pink.

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