Spring Colour

Local walk on 02 October, seven photos. The range of colours was satisfying. 🙂

Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

~ click on any photo to enlarge ~

Bright red tulips. Leaned over a front fence to get the shot.

Beautiful blues; grape hyacinths and kingfisher daisies.

White cherry blossom. Large tree on a corner section.

Pink rhododendron blossom.

Orange Darwin’s barberry (pest plant in NZ) and holly.

Another white cherry blossom tree.

Native yellow kōwhai blossom, street trees.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)
keywords: kowhai, sophora

7 thoughts on “Spring Colour

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  1. I stared at that Darwin’s barberry for some time, trying to find the ‘orange.’ On my monitor, it looks to be a nice, clear yellow. Does it change colors, or is it named for the reddish stems? (Or, are my eyes worse than I thought?)

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    1. Fair enough Linda! Thank you. They look orange when you see them with another pest plant in bloom – broom – which blooms bright yellow and grows all over the place here.The more yellow appearance in my shot may be the result of light reflection from the little blooms. I did a quick online search just now and they are often described as orange-yellow so I think that’s probably the best descriptor, and one site also added ‘red-tinged’ to this, which is even better! See the photos on this page (from Auckland Council) ~very good header photo. https://www.tiakitamakimakaurau.nz/protect-and-restore-our-environment/pests-in-auckland/pest-search/berdar/

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