Floral Highlights

Floral highlights from my birthday today, spent in Central Otago, New Zealand. 31 October, and it’s spring in NZ. The day was very bright but generally cloudy. The public garden in Alexandra looked splendid! Lots of bright wildflowers in the Cromwell Gorge including the vivid California poppies. Horse chestnuts are flowering now and lots of irises to be seen.

Irises in the public garden, Alexandra.

Love the blue/yellow pansies in the public garden, Alexandra. I love all pansies!

Snowball tree and white Rhododendron in the public garden, Alexandra.

Bees working the California poppies, Cromwell.

Pink horse chestnut blossom in a churchyard, Clyde.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

17 thoughts on “Floral Highlights

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    1. Thanks Ann! Had a really beautiful day yesterday! Don’t know how many photos are usable though.. many pics were washed out because of the brightness. Should be a few more to share though!

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    1. How kind! Thank you Mr PM. That li’l cake icon reminds me that after leaving our cottage y’day we stopped in the local town (Roxburgh) for refreshments and we both chose these delicious looking doughnuts – and were they ever. They were filled with custard and a bit of red jam .. yummm!!

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