Seen at Dusk

Springtime walk along the road at dusk tonight, East Roxburgh. Central Otago, New Zealand.

Broom (a weed species) glowed gloriously gold in the late light. Pale blossom is hawthorn.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. Lovely photos, one and all! Dusk is such a lovely time to do a walkabout, a word that Benjamin loves, as per Crocodile Dundee : “A spontaneous journey through the wilderness of one’s choosing in an effort to satisfy one’s itchy feet, a need to be elsewhere, the craving for the open road, that space over the horizon…”! Upon seeing the words ‘a weed species’ I had thought of Mr. Mike’s quote. However, I had already chosen one by the late witty American aphorist, Mason Cooley. “Nature know no difference between weeds and flowers.” Thank-you!

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    1. Oh, bother! Returned to read other comments and noticed that I omitted a letter. It appears that the left typing finger finished prior to the brain’s directions. My apology for the finger’s omission : “Nature knows…”!

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    2. Perhaps Benjamin is destined for great adventure and explorations! A discoverer. And I loved getting a quote from both you and Mike about weeds and flowers, thanks so much Ellen! Oh, and it’s my birthday today btw.. the 31st that is. Here in NZ it’s 10.16am 31 Oct 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! We’re staying in a cottage in a large river valley, with high hillsides either side of the wide valley, It’s my birthday today so we’re away 🙂 Today being 31st Oct, as I write it’s 31 Oct 10.23am 🙂

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  2. Beautiful colors in these images, Liz. I smiled when you parenthetically noted that broom is a weed species and thought of the quote attributed to Ella Wheeler Wilcox that “a weed is but an unloved flower.”

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    1. Thanks Mike! the colours were much enhanced by the ephemeral evening light. As you can see the sky was remarkably variable within a short period of about 10 minutes. I’m glad I mentioned the weed aspect now, it’s nice that you and Ellen (Gem) both engaged with this aspect 🙂 By the way it’s now the 31st here, almost 10am, and today’s my birthday, which is why we’re not in Tapanui! 🙂


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