The beech tree slowly exhaled..

Spring foliage. The beech tree slowly exhaled.. Tapanui, West Otago. New Zealand.

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  1. I really like your title – a great reminder of how vital trees are to us. And I love copper beech trees too – there are some lovely ones around here.

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    1. After seeing your reply I did a quick search and found this line from an short article by Peter Kolb, Uni of Montana. “Oxygen is also produced as a byproduct of photosynthesis and is released in gaseous form back into the surrounding air.” That’s the rough idea of what was in my mind when I saw the cloud above the tree although my comment was entirely in jest. Nigel mentioned how on a cool morning when looking at a pine plantation in a gully situation, you can see what looks like “breath” against the green foliage. My quote was from this url:

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    2. Nigel’s found more info: “Evapotranspiration (ET), the principal form of latent heat and the combination of evaporation and transpiration, further produces clouds, which can reflect additional radiation away from the planet’s surface..” from a science paper about the Sahel:

      Another article he found interesting is this, I haven’t looked at it yet but will later:

      Thanks Robert, your response prompted discussion and a little bit of impromptu research here! Good stuff 🙂

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