Lilac and Love

I found this gorgeous lilac bloom at the entry to a country cemetery today and felt love lingering at one of the memorials. This open and spacious cemetery is located at the very small settlement of Millers Flat, near Roxburgh, Central Otago. Some of the older graves date back to the late-1800s/early-1900s, and from what we saw burials are still taking place. New Zealand.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

View from entry, monkey-puzzle-tree focal point. The tall white memorial to the right is the one we’ll look at.

Looking up at the memorial against blue sky, I admired its form and read the inscription “Erected by his loving wife.”

This context photo shows the lilac, entry, and tall white memorial.

Affectionate Remembrance of Jeremiah Noonan / Died Dec. 9th 1909 / Aged 44 Years. / Inscribed by their loving children / in memory of / Martha Noonan / Wife of the above / Died Oct. 30th 1938 / Aged 68 Years. / R.I.P. / NOONAN / So Loved So Mourned. / Roden & Clarkson

Here’s the full-size memorial larger than I normally post ~for better detail.
Click on photo to enlarge (probably need to click x2)

Hope you’ve enjoyed ‘lilac and love’ ~from Millers Flat.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

15 thoughts on “Lilac and Love

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  1. We have lilacs in the garden – but the newest one has its leaves eaten by woodpigeons in the spring. Luckily they leave the lower leaves alone, otherwise I don’t think it would survive. Wish I could think of a way of keeping them off it!


      1. I tried winding string through some of the branches one year, and adding windchimes and bells, in the hope that it would put them off – didn’t really work! I’ve been a bit unsure about net, in case smaller birds get tangled in it, but maybe I can create some kind of barrier. Luckily I have a while to think about it before spring!

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  2. Ah lilac, takes me back to my childhood! And how cool that the trees behind the monkey-puzzle tree look like a blanket covering the hill top in your second and last images. That last image has more going for it too, with the track leading in, the gate, the shadow of the gate–all very interesting. Hi, Nigel!

    Wow, if memorial size and grandeur equates to love, Martha had it going!


  3. Lilacs! One of my favorite flowers, but one that we lack here in Texas. The memorial reminded me of our Statue of Liberty, with its ‘crown,’ one upraised arm, and the other holding the book. I so enjoy old cemeteries, and the interesting history they contain.

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    1. Oh that’s it, yes.. I was tired last night when I did this post and was vaguely aware the memorial reminded me of something! Love lilacs.. a plant I was mostly aware of from older stories in books until we moved down here and found the real thing. There’s a nice variety of lilacs in Central Otago, I remember seeing different colours of the blooms in the public gardens in Queenstown years ago – that was a treat 🙂

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