Have you heard?

A poem/story. The verses accompany bird photos taken when we visited Maple Glen Garden on Sunday, 03 October [Southland, New Zealand].

The idea was inspired by Jake Owensby on twitter this morning telling how his wife Joy in a wordplay duel had coined “Poultrygeist.” It caught my imagination and after checking my photos I put this together for fun!

A white hen serves as my spooky ‘Poultrygeist’ 😀

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Have you heard? We just had word
A ‘poultrygeist’ has turned up here
Oh dear! it could be anywhere

The golden pheasant’s lying low
And fleet of feet, decides to go

Mrs Mallard’s in a flap and
ducks behind her handsome chap

Something strange is in the air
And we’re all paralysed with fear
Frozen still, we strain to hear..
Something’s coming very near

The bravest of the guinea fowl
take patrol, go on the prowl
Butlooking in the wrong direction
Doesn’t offer much protection! 😀

~ ‘Poultrygeist’

Text, poem and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

17 thoughts on “Have you heard?

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  1. That was lots of fun! I think the line ‘looking in the wrong direction
    Doesn’t offer much protection’ will stick in my mind for a while – it certainly made me smile!

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  2. FANTABULOUS & SPLENDIFEROUS!! The poem is a delightful companion to the photos and the magnificent photos add a visual sparkle to the poem! Thank-you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How kind and generous you are Ellen, also an absolute word wizard! Much love to you and Benjamin and here’s hoping you get a beautiful autumn xx


    1. The ‘poultrygeist’ word embedded in my head lol and the photos told a story so off I went. Out on a limb ’cause poems aren’t my thing..and yet..it’s sure fun to have a try 😀 ~thanks Linda!


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