Rock Daisy

Marlborough rock daisies are endemic and naturally found in .. Marlborough! They grow on steep rocky or stony sites and are highly resistant to summer drought; the region gets very hot in summer. There are three species of which Pachystegia insignis has the greatest natural range, and it’s also very common as a garden plant and readily available from garden centres. New Zealand.

I took these photos on 29 April at Dunedin Botanic Garden in the NZ-native collection, rock garden area. I’m not going to hazard a guess as to precisely which of the three species this is.

These are gorgeous plants in every way, beautiful foliage, flowers and seedheads.
Taken 29 April ~ i.e. autumn in NZ!

This is cropped from the first photo, also sized larger than the other images.
Click on the photo to enlarge (you may need to click twice for full-size).


I found these two web pages while checking info, both are very good …

1. Awesome photos of plants on steep rocky sites, main focus on Pachystegia insignis. Link : Pachystegia

2. Good general info, on all three species, plus advice for gardeners.
Link : The Rock daisy Pachystegia

And, other Pachystegia posts I’ve done previously

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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