Daffodils and Jug

Local daffodils in a pretty jug that I purchased when I lived in Dunedin. The jug is by Rosemary McQueen and I have a small matching bowl, both bought on a visit to the Stuart Street Potter’s Co-operative. They’re special as the artist produces maiolica (or majolica) ware. [The link goes to a blog article I found: The difference between Pottery, Ceramics and Majolica, with special regard to Italian Ceramics]

Rosemary McQueen displays photos of her work at flickr:
Rosemary McQueen Ceramics.

~photo taken by me, at home in Tapanui. New Zealand

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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    1. In C13 maiolica was imported to Italy via Mallorca (from the Middle East). Interesting history which is briefly outlined in the article I linked to. Did your pitcher and bowl come directly from the artist?


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