Green Seen

Took these photos at our local Black Gully Reserve on 23 May 2021, green things were looking very pretty that day. The last photo is of rocks in the path that I took a fancy to .. because I think they look like butterfly wings! Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

FYI, we don’t escape American Covid BS even in New Zealand…
~not intended to make my American followers & blog-friends feel bad but this shocked me

I was aghast to read today that we have an American “lecturer of international law” in Auckland who denounced our snap lockdown as an “insane policy that probably amounts to a crime against humanity”.

What’s she on about?

We’ve already gone from one positive case to 21 confirmed cases. Among the many ‘locations of interest’ are 3 high schools, multiple churches, supermarkets, bars and a casino. We had to go into lockdown, else we’d have to forget elimination. Apart from that, it also makes contact tracing much easier if most folks are at home.

The article includes a video in which she expresses her dismay about the police arresting two protest leaders* over “a single case, of a virus, which is easily treated, by therapeutics like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and that poses very little risk to the healthy population.” Arghh! See how disinformation gets spread? Two of the community cases are in hospital.

*Note, the arrests weren’t because they were protesting but because they weren’t complying with our health restrictions i.e. the lockdown. They’d organised a protest of ~100 people outside a television building in Auckland.

Here’s a link to the article at newsroom. I’m genuinely dismayed. 😦

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. That lecturer is, despite her education, a complete idiot! It’s not hard to see what has been going on with Covid and how serious it is – argh!

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    1. Via twitter I found a Govt email address where I can report scams and misinformation so I’ve reported her under misinformation. I hate it that she’s spreading false and harmful ideas as facts, into the community. I’ve read of people in Louisiana in hospital with Covid because they relied on these very things instead of getting the vaccine.

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  2. Sharing a border with the US we are very aware of what is happening there and we do have people who pick up on some of the stuff you are talking about. But luckily it is a minority. However, it does mean our hospitals a under strain with sick people, many unvaccinated. Good thing that in my province (Manitoba) we have a high level of vaccinated people. The problem here is they tend to lift Covid restrictions too quickly. I think it is good that your government acts quickly like that.

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    1. Thank you Louella, and I’m glad you’re in a province with a high level of vaccination. It took ages before NZ was able to get the vaccines and we were just getting into the swing of the program when this outbreak occurred. They’ll resume the vaccines very soon. They’d got as far as 40-yr olds and they’re starting to open up to +12yr olds who come in with their adult family. It’s a blessing to have the vaccine and the sooner we all have it the better!

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  3. The situation here in the US is out of control, especially in some areas, where “freedom” is being used as an excuse for irresponsible behavior. Enough said. I love all that green, Liz, and definitely see your beautiful rock “butterfly.” I love the mossy patterns on the wings.

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    1. I’m pleased I took the photo of the “butterfly”! The green stuff seemed very vivid that day and I was pretty happy with how the photos turned out. I’m concerned with the way things are going in the US, and keeping an eye on the happenings there from a distance (now a bit distracted with our own virus flare-up). I’m especially watching Louisiana which has a similar population size to our own. Don’t let your guard down, and take care 🙂


  4. No matter the “intelligence” level, most anyone can act like an idiot. Some do it for the attention and some are just plain nuts. We’ve plenty of both species here. Crime against humanity? Obviously not student of history…or not a good one.

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