Time To Shine

Leaves shining at sunset. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. 05 May 2021.

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  1. I really like this shot, Liz. The sunlight and shadows and the autumn colors work together so well. Even the grasses in the foreground add visual interest that contributes to creating a peaceful feeling as the day was drawing to a close.

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      1. It’s fascinating to learn that we liked the photo for similar reasons. Some people react emotionally to photos and can’t tell you why they like one. I like to ask myself frequently why I like what I like or don’t in a photo and those answers may influence the way that I take my own photos.

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        1. Absolutely, yes! This really comes into play when I edit, especially with respect to cropping, which I place great importance on. When I take a photo I do think about how I’m likely to use it, but at the cropping stage I pay much attention to what I think is really important about the image. With this particular photo the main element is the leaves so I maximised their appearance, cropping off some distracting elements from the left. I remember carefully considering the grasses and the role they play in the photo – and I felt that visually they not only complement, but more than that, I felt that they enhance the leaves who are my ‘stars’. So it was a very deliberate decision to retain them and particularly gratifying to receive your kind thoughts on the composition! Thank you 🙂


          1. It is fascinating to hear you describe your thoughts when you were working on your image. Most people never see the scene as we shot it and only see a selected number of our processed images. Have you ever sat down and gone through all your images with someone else? It can be a humbling but educational experience to let someone else see all of your missed shots as well as your good ones and explain what you were attempting to accomplish when you took them. My friend Cindy and I used to do that fairly regularly when I first started shooting with her. The process made me much more conscious and mindful of what I was doing when I composed images and adjusted camera settings out in the field.

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