Fried Egg

A bit of fun today, in response to blog-friend Mike Powell whose posts are full of facts, fun and fabulous fotos! This morning on Facebook I found he’d posted a photo showing the yellow-centre detail of a daisy and he said: “Yesterday morning I spotted this tiny green metallic sweat bee on a Shasta daisy in the garden of my neighbor and fellow photographer Cindy Dyer. Ever since then I have had an irresistible urge for an egg fried sunny-side up.” 🙂

First up, for a header photo here’s a shot I took at our local cafe in town, in 2019 when they had these painted rocks sitting on their wooden bar counter. Egg, streaky bacon, and more

On Saturday morning in Gore (Southland, New Zealand) we called into the Eastern Southland Art Gallery and I asked Nigel to photograph this particular exhibit as I really liked it. That was fortunate because now I have the opportunity to serve Mike fried egg and streaky bacon, if only in words … I offer a poem by the late Māori writer and poet Hone Tuwhare.

Click on photo to enlarge.



poem by Hone Tuwhare

dawn-supper, dawn-breaker.
Ah, love

I’m a dog cold-nosing
snuffling, wet-nosing
quiescent folds of inching

flesh blooping a white
rabbit zig-zagging
bob-tailing off: splat.

Pale anaemic streak-marks
in a bacon-rasher sky,
crinkle-edged. One

fried egg coming up.


Mike Powell’s ‘fried egg’ Shasta daisy photo can be seen at this blogpost:

[Link:] Bee and daisy

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019, 2021)

16 thoughts on “Fried Egg

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  1. Guess what Ms. Liz? I would rather paint a fried egg and bacon on rocks than eat them. I love to paint rocks. Auntie H and I are going to try painting some rocks just like yours. Gem loves eggs benedict and corn beef hash. I think it’s yucky. Bye for now. Love, Benjamin!


  2. Thanks, Liz, for your delightful response to my posting. I love those painted rocks that you featured–they are so whimsical and are something that I would actually buy if I saw them for sale. I enjoyed the poem a lot and can relate to its evocative imagery, though I must confess that I generally prefer my eggs scrambled and not fried. 🙂

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  3. Those painted rocks are cute and they remind me of a present my grandparents would bring when they visited from ‘the far south’…plates of what looked like a breakfast fry-up: egg, bacon, tomato etc. all actually carefully made from sugar and food colouring. These always amazed us wee kids – and of course we enjoyed scoffing them!

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      1. They were quite a strange thing really – probably a product of their time (long ago), when novelty was very popular here. They must have been terrible for our teeth!

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    1. ps. Oops, I didn’t mean to sound like a big pat on the back to myself (blush), it’s like Russian dolls in a way – Mike, me, Hone and the person who did the necklace, all these layers of responses, and that’s what I love and got carried away with 🙂

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