When I was in Dunedin Public Art Gallery on 13 June I saw colourful patterns on the wall in the children’s activity room. As usual I was drawn to the colour like a moth to flame and found a large wall area with colourful solid pins inserted into holes. I pulled out one of the pins and to my surprise it was a golf tee! The person in the photo was making a design while her family sat at a nearby table. She gave me the ok to put this pic on my blog. ~New Zealand.

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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    1. In future I’ll keep your ‘Creativi-Tea’ in mind when I drink my early morning cup of tea! That’s really delightful Steve .. thank you.

      ~the woman was a casual visitor like me but with her OH/kids. She was happily engaged with the ‘heart’ shape she was making. I suspect some gallery staff had done the big pattern, but I don’t know that.


  1. Clever title :). I’m not a golfer, never knew there were all these colorful tees, that’s a fun idea, that must’ve taken a while to create a design that size!
    I survived on savory pies during a college semester in England, they were wonderful and I wish I could find something like that here. The cooker in the house where I stayed was unreliable and malevolent, it would struggle to get the oven above room temperature, but then put on a surge and incinerate whatever I put in there, so the local pie shop was definitely heaven-sent.

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    1. Thank you for the compliment on the title! I did learn golf with some workmates for a short while but never played thereafter, not really my thing 🙂 I love the concept of a heaven-sent pie shop. I sure appreciated our local one a while back when we had snow and the power went out but we were able to buy some hot pies as their pie warmer was still in action!

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  2. What an interesting concept. My dad was a golfer, so there always were tees around the house, but I don’t remember doing anything creative with them.

    In other news that might interest you, an escaped pet wallaby was found in a Texas hill country town where I often stop to get pie from a shop called Bumdoodlers. It was captured and returned to its owner unharmed.

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    1. I was stunned to find they were golf tees, it was so funny! I’m glad the wallaby was found, they’re a pest animal down here. The really funny thing is a shop called ‘Bumdoodlers’!!! Far out, what a strange name. And tell me, when you say ‘pie’ what do you mean … we have different types but ‘a pie’ often refers to a hand-size single meal pastry pie with mince or steak filling – always available hot in a pie warmer in dairies, small grocery stores and fuel station shops, like they’re a go-to, food-on-the-run staple for us. We also buy or make family-size meat pies and sweet dessert pies like apple pie!

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      1. When we say ‘pie,’ most people mean a full-sized sweet pie: fruit, like apple or cherry, or custard, like coconut or chocolate cream. Pecan pie is a staple, but it’s rarely found in such shops, because everyone tends to prefer their family recipes for that one. It’s basically a lot of chopped pecans combined with a filling of sugar, butter, and eggs.

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        1. Thank you! There’s an Italian restaurant in Dunedin that offers pecan pie on their dessert menu and we often choose it if we have a sweet, really delicious! 🙂


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