Evening Pastoral

Today we were blessed with another beautifully fine winter day and in the late afternoon we did a long walk, to yesterday’s location but this time we walked to the end of the country road. I took these photos only slightly further along the road from where yesterday’s were shot (the last photo shows the same line of trees). Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

With the first three photos I’m photographing the pastoral scene that I can see as I look away from yesterday’s line of trees – they’re behind me. In the last photo I turn back to capture the line of trees again.

These photos are best viewed large-size.

Country road heading in the direction of the Blue Mountains.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. Like the others, that tree really drew my attention. The beautiful lighting and the intensity of the blue sky give the images a sense of drama – lovely!

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    1. We couldn’t see foliage detail, and I can’t in my photos either, but we both thought it was a gum tree (Eucalyptus sp.) judging from the overall appearance including the trunk ~pretty sure that’s what it is. It’s had a rough time by the looks of it!

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  2. No matter which of the first three photos I choose to look at, Liz, my eyes are drawn to that beautiful two-tiered tree. I especially like the third image with the hills to the left and the smaller trees helping to balance out and highlight the two-tiered tree. There are also wonderful details that I enjoy like the fence line and the shadows.

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      1. That’s fun to hear, Liz, because so often the reactions of others is unpredictable and very subjective. I often wonder what others see when they look at my images and it is often difficult to get good feedback (partly because it is difficult for many to articulate the reasons why they like what they like). Fairly often in my postings I will include a sentence or two about what I like about an image in an effort to stimulate others to ask themselves the same question. In many ways the person who did not take the photograph is in a better position to look at it objectively–the photographer has a certain amount of emotional energy invested in the capturing and processing of the image that may cloud his/her judgement.

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        1. Thanks Mike, it’s always fun and instructive to get feedback and hear others’ thoughts. I think that’s especially true for me as I frequently share photos of places or things that are unfamiliar to most of my visitors unless they’ve visited NZ. I’ll be doing a post in the near future about Benjamin who is still as keen as mustard on tuatara since I did posts about them ages ago. That kind of feedback is very rare but incredibly encouraging! And I always love to hear from you!

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