Red Flag

RED! Red foliage and flowers taken on an early April visit, autumn in NZ, to Maple Glen garden in Southland, New Zealand. In the morning it’d been pouring with rain. The photos were taken when we returned in the afternoon – with rain still threatening to pour again.

Also genuinely flagging .. that I have a question for techy people at the bottom of this post.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

RED – from a visit to Maple Glen garden on 04 April 2021.

~ very windy day, difficult for taking photos

Gorgeous red maple quite near the owner’s house but a little distant – and I was startled to catch a glimpse of bright, very bright, red (the red tree was partially obscured by other trees).

These brightest of blooms caught my eye …

This rugged character by a pond had bright, colourful foliage and a startlingly mossy trunk.

A bright and cheerful dahlia.

If you’re techy with photos and metadata – I’ve been asked for advice by a person who’s looking for work as an image keyworder. They encountered a problem with submitting test images that they’d keyworded to the recruiter – using ZIP – the metadata seemed to get stripped out in the Zipping. Very frustrating for them as they’re very keen to get work.

Extra info: “Btw, I keyworded the images on my pc on the “Properties” tab”.
[Also, it’s possible the recruiter is on a Mac system].

Righto .. the full story follows :

Hey there! I need your help if you don’t mind. Have you ever added metadata to images by yourself? I mean like without using the company’s system or website. I had to do this keywording test and it’s honestly been frustrating me. They just gave me test files to keyword and I had to put them in a ZIP and then submit them via Dropbox. The first time I did that in February, the recruiter got back to me and told me the images I submitted didn’t have any metadata on them. The second time, about a week ago, they told me the same thing. After much frustration and trying to figure out the problem, I realised that the reason my images didn’t appear to have any metadata embedded on them is because of the ZIP filing. So when I put the images in a ZIP, it takes away the metadata, but when I don’t the metadata is visible. But the recruiter wanted the test to be submitted in ZIP file on Dropbox. Now I’m conflicted. I emailed them and attached the images and also explained to them what I noticed, but I haven’t heard from them. Now I’m worried as to whether they will still consider me for the position given the circumstances. It’s something that should’ve been simple but unfortunately for me this is the case. Now my question to you is do you know a way I can ZIP the images and still make sure that the metadata I embedded on them stays intact? I still want to submit the test properly, the way they intended. […]

The problem is causing anxiety for the person as they’ve already not been considered for the work back in Feb on account of this issue. They’re keen to find a solution.

Any ideas .. please advise in the Comments!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. The reds are glorious, especially those beautiful maple leaves. I keyword my stock images but they’re always saved as jpegs and never put in zipped files. However, it seems to me that zip apps may very in how much metadata they preserve, so it might be worth doing some research on them…seems like a tricky problem!

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  2. Can’t help you with the keywording question. I do all mine by hand one image or group of the same subject at a time.

    It’s funny seeing autumn colors in spring (here). Those are some great reds that you captured, Liz.

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