Fantabulous Fantail

A chirpy chatterer accompanied us for much of our walk today. Fantails tend to hang around when you’re walking, hoping to grab insects from the disturbed leaf litter. I was keen to get shots of the tail fanned-out wide because some of you were interested in this and I didn’t get such a shot for my previous fantail post. These energetic little birds rarely sit still so it was challenging but I do have some not-too-bad tail pics! ~Black Gully Reserve, Tapanui, West Otago. New Zealand. Sunday afternoon, 23 May 2021.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Fantail or pīwakawaka (endemic to New Zealand)
~Rhipidura fuliginosa fuliginosa is the South Island sub-species.

Typically talkative but this one chattered 19-to-the-dozen, constantly! And I couldn’t believe it perched on a lancewood leaf, haha 😀

Face and tail, not too bad. The sticks kinda look like antlers!

Bum-end of bird with silhouette of beech leaves through the tail feathers!

Now the bird’s upside-down, face sideways.
~you can see the white eyebrows, end of beak, and white chin-patch.

Fun company in the bush!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

17 thoughts on “Fantabulous Fantail

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    1. Totally! 😀 ~perhaps not so joyous trying to get any decent photos haha. I actually had some shots with literally no bird in them because it’d flown away in the instant I made the click!!!

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      1. LOL, I can imagine – sounds like my attempts at bird photography too. I need them to sit still for longer! (Flowers are way more cooperative,)

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  1. What a fun bird to come along on your walk! And a catchy name, pīwakawaka is great. I always think of turkeys or peacocks fanning out like this for a mating dance or display, but it looks like these little guys just like spreading out their feathers all the time?

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    1. Yes, they’re great company on the track and very chatty! When they’re active they frequently fan their tail out as part of their acrobatics – they’re extremely agile. Their wings are pretty tiny and they seem to rely on their tail a lot. Very flitty though, especially when their tail is wide .. so really, really difficult to get in a photo!

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