Very Familiar

Photo selection from the initial part of the bush walk at Black Gully Reserve, a very short drive from where we live in Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. These were taken yesterday in the early evening, not long before sunset.

I chose to take photos of things that are very ordinary to me, so ordinary that I’d usually not bother. For many of you, this isn’t your everyday kind of scenery so perhaps you’ll enjoy them.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

Our native beech tree species are evergreen. These are on the bush edge and I’m standing on the clear ground of the open reserve area.

There’s a small stream as soon as we enter the bush so a bridge to cross.

And a stream to look at. Lots of hounds tongue fern on the banks. The little tree with a red tinge is Pseudowintera colorata or pepper tree (endemic). Our much respected local nurseryman Denis Hughes bred a wildly popular red cultivar named ‘Red Leopard’. Nigel took a pic of me with Denis, it’s in this 2018 post.

These are Astelias, commonly seen in native bush. We encounter these as soon as we cross the bridge. Although the leaves look hard they’re friendly, no sharp edges to slice into you 🙂

The ubiquitous hounds tongue fern that makes a dense ground cover and climbs up tree trunks and banks. I’ve found the botanic name: Microsorum pustulatum subsp. pustulatum. Occurs here and in Australia. If you’d like to see some good pics of this, see this web page by Te Papa Museum.

Jewel-like tiny red berries. Nigel tells me this is a Coprosma (which in NZ is like saying it’s a maple – there’s loads of different species of Coprosma in NZ).

Messy beautiful nature! Mosses, lichens, small branches, bark and leaves, hound’s tongue fern and a shaft of late light.

Looking down on the bridge from the walking track.

A pretty stretch of track that we both love, lots of moss either side. Nigel pausing (I’d probably yelled his name).

That’s it for now, although I do have more pics!

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. I really like this approach, Liz, and enjoyed walking with you and Nigel. What looks “familiar” and “ordinary” to you is definitely “exotic” to me. Of course there is the seasonal difference there, but more significantly there are a lot of the trees and other vegetation that are different from what I am used to seeing in my area of the US.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed our walk Mike! Much of our NZ flora is endemic or shared with Australia, and occasionally with Chile, so I figured it would look a bit unusual to many readers!

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