Croque~O~Dile Cafe, Dunedin NZ

Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand 12 May. For crocodiles see my 2017 post
Sadly they’ve since painted over every single crocodile!

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    1. Oh it was fun to have the crocs on the wall! I’m so glad that at least I’ve documented what was there back in my early blogging days – it’s really paid off that I took the time to do it!

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  1. Hmm, change is not always welcome, fresh crocodiles to be painted or crafted? I do love those round toppers on the railing, that’s a neat photo with that first one seeming so big. My first thought was “green earth.”


    1. Unfortunately they’re not intending to do any replacement crocodile art that I’m aware of .. I couldn’t believe it when they painted over every single one! The round balls are kinda neat, and actually they *are* pretty big for ornamental spheres although my perspective admittedly makes the near one seem quite dominant in the scene!

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    1. The best kind of family cafe where everyone is welcome to buy something simple from the cabinet and enjoy it with a hot drink or milkshake at a table overlooking the popular duck pond and gardens. It’s what a public garden cafe should be! Very popular.

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