Irises and Goldfish

I spent quite some time on 28 April wandering the Dunedin Botanic Garden while Nigel was busy with his work. The day was grey and bright and tricky for photography. Here’s a few pics I took when I checked out the pond garden and found irises in flower and bright goldfish hiding under water lily leaves.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

I posted these because several American bloggers I follow have been publishing beautiful photos of ‘spring’ irises so I thought I’d share my ‘autumn’ irises 🙂

For beautiful irises from the current American spring season, some links:

Mike Powell has done several iris posts, I’ve selected these:
Raindrops on irises and Colorful Irises ~North Virginia

His neighbour and good friend Cindy Dyer (whose garden Mike took his photos in) has also done several posts including:
Bearded irises galore in my garden (bouquet #1) ~North Virginia

Ellen Jennings posted a beauty today, a single image:
Swamp Wildflowers, Iris ~South Carolina

Ted Jennings recently posted:
Found On A Walk ~South Carolina

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)
keywords: fish, goldfish, waterlily, waterlilies, water lily, water lilies

18 thoughts on “Irises and Goldfish

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    1. I have a much greater appreciation for irises these days Ellen, they just didn’t used to be my thing. Amazes me how well the colours of the goldfish stood out! The iris photo you posted y’day .. great photo of an incredible bloom!

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  1. This are gorgeous, Liz. I love irises that grow at edge of the water and the warmth of the color of the goldfish makes for a great contrast with the cooler colors of the iris in your images.

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    1. Thanks so much Mike. As you’ve noticed, the colour contrast here between iris flowers and goldfish is really striking! I was surprised how well the colours of the goldfish stood out even from a distance. This pond area is fenced off so there was no option to get closer to my subjects.

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      1. There’s a lovely depth and lushness to the colours in your photographs. Feels like I could just sit down by the pond and watch the fish for a while… 🙂

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        1. Sounds lovely Ann! This particular pond has nowhere to sit which is a shame. Steep sides and fenced at the top. But I do enjoy looking down into it, especially when the flowers are in bloom!

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    1. That’s a lovely observation Robert and I think it would be true too! I had that feeling about them myself, especially the 1st and 3rd pics. Do you paint?


        1. Why don’t you shout yourself some paints/pencils? I have some watercolour paints and I’ve done like 3 little paintings in about 2 years hehe – not much of a track record! I’m no artist but anyone can have a go. This little chat with you makes me think I should choose one of these pics and try something abstract based on the pic. I have a sneaking suspicion you’d actually be very good at these other creative arts – in addition to your writing and photography!

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