Falla Burn railway viaduct

Yesterday as we drove home from Dunedin via Manuka Gorge I recalled some really interesting photos Nigel had taken from a side road in this area. I wondered aloud where that road is and Nigel immediately swerved to turn down the side-road right in front of us! So glad. This site is beautiful in autumn. I’ve just found (a few minutes ago) that this will change soon – a cycle path is currently being constructed through Manuka Gorge and this old railroad viaduct will once again be a bridge! Cyclists will cross the viaduct and the path will circle down to the road level and then cyclists will proceed to Mt Stuart Reserve. The cycle path will then continue on via Milton and Waihola.

Click on any photo to enlarge.

We parked just short of the viaduct and hopped outside to explore.

Then I walked through to the other side.

Behind me, further back from the viaduct, I found a peaceful stream.

The stream disappeared under a lovely stone arch.

The article I read about the cycle path and bridging the viaduct was in the Clutha Leader April 22, 2021.

Text and photos by Liz, Exploring Colour (2021)

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  1. I can only imagine how wonderful it would be to have views like this while riding a bicycle, Liz. I love all of that old stone work and I read with interest the article for which you provided the link. I was able to pull up a map to see exactly where the extension is that will go from Lawrence to Waihola, via Milton. I got caught up reading about the entire Clutha Gold Cycling and Walking Trail that starts at Lake Roxburgh. Wow!

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    1. The cycle paths are a great development! Lots of things have been opened up for people to enjoy – old historic sites and lovely landscapes. It started with the Central Otago Rail Trail to which there was initially huge resistance but it was eventually a great success. Now every year there’s more extensions to the cycle path network. Thanks Mike!

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      1. In some places in the US, similar conversions are being made, including in the Washington DC area. I have not cycled much in recent years, but I have fond memories of a two week long bike trip that I took when I was stationed in South Korea when I was in the Army.

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