Ettrick Autumn

We drove through Ettrick on 17 April, returning from Roxburgh. You may remember I shared rock photos recently from Rocky Roxburgh. Same day. Ettrick is a tiny settlement on our route, the last Central Otago town before we take the Moa Flat route home to Tapanui. The area is mostly orchards and farms. These are orchard photos. Pure autumn!

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Poplar hedge in late afternoon, looking toward Ettrick. Behind the hedge is an apple orchard.

Apples ready for harvest.

Poplar hedge in late afternoon, this time looking at our route home.

Apple orchard context. Everything ready for the next day’s picking, I guess.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

16 thoughts on “Ettrick Autumn

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      1. One tree is still pretty young but the other was planted a few years ago and gives a very good crop, despite being a small rootstock. (That one’s a Braeburn, one of our favourite apples.) I also have a pear tree that’s waiting to be planted out – when I work out where to put it! 🙂

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    1. The apples did look wonderful, glad we saw them before the harvest was finished! The poplars would, I think, be mainly for shelter but also provide privacy from all the sticky-beaks driving past and a foliage screen on the boundary when they’re using sprays on the trees.

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      1. Good timing on your part! I hadn’t thought of privacy or spray. Thanks.

        😁 “Sticky Beaks” that’s a new one on me, had to look it up although I was pretty sure what it was from the context. I usually say “nosy Nell” but think I’ll be adding S.B. to my repertoire.

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    1. Bought some at an orchard shop prior to this. I also got Comice pears (and they’re super delicious). “Comice pears are a French variety that is known as one of the sweetest and juiciest of all of the European varieties favored for fresh eating.”

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