White In Autumn

I doubt people think of white when considering autumn colours but when we arrived home from our visit to Maple Glen garden on 04 April I did seem to have a fair number of photos that were mainly white! Southland, New Zealand.

Click on any photo to enlarge.



Colchicum or autumn crocus.

White asters in foreground, and white trunks of birch trees.

Pigeon? Whatever it is, it was well into its stride!

Hydrangea flowerhead lights the way by a dark shady path.

Same abutilon but a thread of web can be seen on LHS of the flower.
~ I’ve saved this one at a larger size – click on photo to enlarge.

Cimicifuga? I liked how there were green heads mixed in with the white.

Japanese anemone.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

9 thoughts on “White In Autumn

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  1. I like the autumn whites – there’s a freshness to them that keeps the summer feeling going for a little bit longer before everything seems to be on its way out. We have the white anemone in the garden here – I’d love to have the abutilon too.


    1. Still more abutilon photos to come! I love their flowers. I remember at least one in the garden when I was a kid, the climate there being much more suitable than down here.

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