Lone Tree

Feeling sad after finding out today about the death of a young 13-year old Latino boy Adam Toledo in Chicago USA, killed by police. Only 13 years old! These photos of a lone tree at Maple Glen garden in moody weather are chosen as an expression of my sorrow at Adam’s death.

Lone tree at Maple Glen, Southland, New Zealand.

~the flowers are colchicum (autumn crocus) in mauve and white.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2021)

7 thoughts on “Lone Tree

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  1. The images are a fitting way to mark such a tragedy. That it should come to a child of 13 being killed by police is deeply shocking and should be marked and taken proper notice of.

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  2. These deaths happen too often. It’s hard to say what the answer is. We need police but whether it is better training or better screening of candidates something needs to change. There are a lot of great cops doing work that many of us couldn’t and under great pressure. Whether it is the uptick in the killing of police or fear in general responses seem beyond what should be expected from those sworn to defend and protect, bad things happen, and people are dying tragically.
    Nature is always a good place to turn for solace and expressions of grief. These are good choices, Liz.

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